9500 watt Generator

9500 watt Generator


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9500 Watt Generator, can power 3 to 4 inflatables, depending on the blower size.  If you have an questions please reach out to us.

Introducing the powerful and reliable 9500 Watt Inverter Predator Generator. This generator is designed to provide you with the ultimate power solution for your home, business, or outdoor activities.

With its impressive 9500-watt output, this generator is capable of running multiple appliances and equipment simultaneously. Whether you need to power your essential home appliances during a power outage or run power tools on a construction site, this generator has got you covered.

Equipped with an advanced inverter technology, this generator delivers clean and stable power, ensuring the safety of your sensitive electronics. Say goodbye to voltage fluctuations and power surges that can damage your expensive devices.

The 9500 Watt Inverter Predator Generator features a fuel-efficient engine that can run for extended periods on a single tank of gas. This means you can enjoy uninterrupted power for longer durations, saving you time and money on refueling.

For your convenience, this generator comes with a user-friendly control panel that allows you to easily start and operate the unit. The panel includes various outlets, including 120V AC, 240V AC, and 12V DC, providing you with versatile power options to meet your specific needs.

Safety is a top priority, and this generator is equipped with multiple safety features. It has low oil shutdown, which automatically turns off the generator when the oil level is low, preventing engine damage. Additionally, the generator is built with a sturdy frame and wheels for easy transportation and added stability.

In summary, the 9500 Watt Inverter Predator Generator is a reliable and efficient power solution that offers exceptional performance and versatility. Whether you need backup power for your home, a reliable power source for your business, or a portable generator for outdoor adventures, this generator is the perfect choice. Invest in the 9500 Watt Inverter Predator Generator and experience the power you can rely on.

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